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「人間がなぜ四足歩行から二足歩行に変えたのか 分かりますか? 最大の急所である心臓を他人に見せるようになったのは。」

"Do you know why humans went from walking on all fours to two feet? In order to show others their most velued organ, the heart."


"In the end, married couples are just two strangers."

「子育でなんて 誰でも して来たことなんだからって。まるで報われないのに必死で頑張って。不安か希望に揺れながら、子供おんために頁っ暗な土の中で根を伸ばす。根っこさ。そう 母ちゃんは俺達の根っこなんだ。テメェの根っこ嫌って 人生 花なんか咲くもんかよ! 」

"People say 'Anyone can raise a chiled'. Even though they don't get anything in return, they still try so hard. With all the anxiety and hope, never swaying, for the sake of their children, they push through the darkness! Like a 'root'. That's it. Mothers are our roots! Just because you hate your root, in life that doesn;t mean that the flower won't bloom!"


"People will only submit if they are truly afraid."

「健康は全ての基本です。いいえ、全ての基本は運命です。 それもそうですね。自ら切り開く運命。」

"Health is foundation of all. Nope, everything is based on fate. Well, I guess you can say that could be true. A fate that you bring upon yourself."

「それはチタニウムホワイトといって。あるんですよ。何色にも染まらない白い色が。黒もまた どこかで白に戻りたいと 望んでるんじゃないでしょうか?」

"This is known as Titanium White. It exists you know. Not being tainted by any color, that type of white exists. Doesn't black also wish to become white once again?"

「私。。。人生で 一番嬉しかった褒め言葉を思い出したんです。 〜母ちゃんが一番キレイだ。他の誰の母ちゃんよりも。」

"I...remembered the greatest compliment I have ver received in my life. 'Mom, you are the prettiest.' 'Prettier then any other mother.'"


"...By counting the number of stars in his eyes. There is one if you have someone you love. And there is another if you have someone who loves you"


"Listen, to rise the child you have to have the physical and emotional strength and most of all you need money."

「理想の親子 理想の夫婦 理想の家庭。 自分にとってはそうでも相手にとってはどうなんだろう。理想って誰のためにあるんだろう。」

"The perfect parent and child. The perfect couple. The perfect family. Even if you think of it like that, what does the other person think? who is this "perfect" meant for?"


"He felt sorry for you, that's why he cried. The fact that he couldn't save you from what had happened. That's why he cried."

「母ちゃん嫌っても憎んでも意味ないです。母ちゃんは俺たちの根っこなんすから。その根っこ嫌ったら 人生花なんか咲かせられない。どんなお母ちゃんだって好きになろしかないんです。だって母ちゃんだから。」

"Even if you hate your mom, there's no point to it. Because mom is our root. If you hate the root then you'll never get anywhere in life.* No matter what kind of mother you have, you have to like her. Because she is your mother."

「これからやりたいこと好きなことが見つかったら。。。いいか 恥ずかしいくらいみっともねえくらい努力しろ!」+

"If you find something that you want to do, something that you like doing... Listen up, work really hard for it, even if it's embarrassing or shameful."

+ I was lucky that I had some episode Japanese hardsubbed, and was able to find the rest of the subs. ^^v

* He literarly said - If you hate your root then your flower will never bloom.

English subs are not mine. Credit to whoever did this.


This is a story about 好. Yes. I remember when our Synology teacher explains to us the meaning of this character. 好 is composed from 女 - female and 子 - child, which in classical chinese had a meaning 'love'. Which, it still holds in Japanese through similar meaning 'like'. The strongest love on earth, the love between the mother and her child. I always get amazed with how much of a profound meaning a character can carry in itself. (˘‿˘ʃƪ)

I didn't like some scenes which totaly ruined the drama like his unrasinoble clinging to his mother, and hers too. And then that urge to marry her - they really love to tap taboo topics. (◑_◑) The fight scenes were exaggerated  (I personally like yankee dramas for fight scenes, but this was nothing like that) - that animals were like safari (she said it herself xD). And that cosplay really. I'm clueless what was that for...maybe fan service? (´ï½¥_ï½¥`) Althought I understand they did so the show will be funny, which in a way (a Japanese) this show is.

It was refreshing watching Yamada Ryosuke playing a different, kinda funny role. Different from previous one (Hidarime Tantei EYE). He can easily change from serious to dorky face. And one thing is for sure, smile looks way better on his face. ♥(ˆâŒ£ˆÔ…) But being able to play two roles with totally different characters in one drama is something I must give a prise to. \ (•â—¡•) /
The same goes for Fujigaya Taisuke I was pleasantly surprised by his serious acting as a gangster. ♥(ˆâŒ£ˆÔ…) But I like his goofy acting too (PRICELESS, Beginners!, Kamen Teacher). I'm not fond of idol turned actors, but I guess Japanese are different in that way too. They won't accept average acting. You eather act or don't. And these two really have good transformation skills. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

All actors in the cast are good at acting, but their acting depends on plot a lot. I didn't like it. (¬â€¿¬) In my opinion there are much better J Dramas about family, both serious and comedy ones (that's why I gave this score). This one is only focused on a special relationship, between mother and a son. Fans of Hey! Say! JUMP! and Kis-My-Ft2 will like it, so its recommendation for them. But it might be a little boring and tedious for the ones who are not used to Japanese way of acting and their humor.

Genre: Family, Comedy
Cast: Great (9)
Acting: Great with unnecessary exaggeration (8)
Story: I've seen better (7)
Music: Hey! Say! JUMP (8)
Rewatch: No
Score: 7.5

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