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《我不是为别人活着,天下人怎么想 是天下人的事,我只想要自己的生活。》

"I'm not living for other people. What the world wants, is the world's business. I only want to live my own life."


"A fest beating heart is normaly the result of one of three things. One is stress, two is surprise, three is from lying.“

《你知道猪怎么死的吗? — 不知道。 是的 çŒªä¹Ÿä¸çŸ¥é“。》

"Do you know how a pig dies? - No. Neither does the pig."

《饿死事小 失节事大》

“Hunger is unimportant, Disloyalty is important.”

《在天愿作比翼鸟 在地愿为连理枝
“Let's be two birds in the sky flying side by side, let's be two branches on the earth inseparably tied. (Tang)

现在新人笑 哪闻旧人哭
He loves his new wife's smile so deep, that he hears not hid old wife weep. (Tang)

死生契阔 ä¸Žå­æˆè¯´ æ‰§å­ä¹‹æ‰‹ 与子携老
Meet or part, live or die, We've made outh, you and I, give me your hand I'll hold, and live with me till old. (Zhou)

君情与妾意 å„自东西流 æ˜”日芙蓉花 今成断根草》
The lover's heart becomes divergent, Yesterday's blossoming flowers becomes today's homeless grass." (Tang)

《一个有病 ä¸€ä¸ªæœ‰è¯ 天生的一对。》

”One is ill, and the other has the medicine. A match made in heaven."

《我在医书上都查了,我这叫相思病。 我只要看到她*高兴 我就比她还要高兴,可是我只要看到她难过 我就比她还难过,我看到她有危险 我就算拼了性命 我也要去保护她,如果让我看见她跟别的男人走得很近 æˆ‘心里酸酸的 不是滋味。》

"I've looked it up in medical textbooks, I have lovesickness. If I see her* happy, I'm happier than her. If I see her sad, I will be even sadder than her. When I see that she is in danger...I'd even give my life to protect her. If I see her with another man, my heart becomes sour."

《没有上不去的山 没有过不去的河。》

"There is no mountain that cannot be climbed, and no river that cannot be crossed."


"There will eventually be a road as your carriage reaches the piedmont."

《能笑到最后 æ‰èƒ½ç¬‘得最美。》

“Only those who can smile till the end can smile the brightest."

《 夫妻同心 其利断金。》

"Couples must be united at heart."


"Those who are full will not understand hunger."


"We only have one life. Of course we must be happy. Just like this sword. When the sword is hidden it seems trapped. You should take out the sword and use it where it's needed."

《但你有没有想过表面上我是少主,看起来呼风唤雨多少人的命运必须要仰仗于我。但是你知道吗?我所要承受的压力,要比他们大上很多倍。树大招风**。我所过的生活 ä»–们无法想象 ä½†æ˜¯æˆ‘所承受的压力 ä»–们一样无法想象。》

"But you don't think about being a Young Lord and having a lot of power with so many people relying on me. Do you know... the pessure that I'm under is much bigger than theirs. Every man has his own responsability. (A tall tree catches the wind**) They can never imagine the life I live, and the pessure I have to bear."


"Sometimes we are powerless and just have to accept our fate."

《我只是不喜欢受人摆布而已。在有限的范围内,我希望可以追求公平 è¿˜æœ‰è‡ªç”±ã€‚但公平呢,不是凭一已之力就可以完成的。》

"I just don't like to be controlled by someone else. Whitin a certain range, I also hope for freedom and equality. But equality is not always within one's own power."

《知道跟实际看到的 是两回事。》

"Knowing and seeing for yourself are two separate things."

《你知道吗?我做捕快这么多年,最怕遇到这种简单的案子。我不怕手段复杂 就怕简单, 手段越复杂 çº¿ç´¢å°±å¤šè¶Šã€‚》

"Do you know... All these years as an investigator, my biggest fear was encountering a simple case like this. I'm not afraid of complex strategies, but I'm afraid of simple ones. The more complex, the more clues."

《我的那个缺点就是 æˆ‘太爱你了。我爱你的一切。虽然我们的婚礼不是自愿的,可是我认识你以后,你让我看到一个全新的世界,改变了我的人生观。》

"My weakness is that I love you too much. I love all of you. Although our marriage was forced, once I got to know you, you opened my eye to a whole new world. You changed my outlook on others."


"Ever since I was little, you taught me to be a real man. If I cannot even protect the women I love, then I'm not a men."

《爱人者 兼其屋上之鸟》

"Those who love others will be loved, but those who hate others will be hated."

《当面一套 èƒŒåŽä¸€å¥—》

”Fine words dress ill deeds.“


“Better one finger off, than one wagging."

《人是假的 东西可是货真价实,天下熙熙 çš†ä¸ºåˆ©æ¥ï¼Œå¤©ä¸‹åš·åš· 皆为利往。》

"I might be fake, but the pendant is real. The whole world is after profits. All the hustle and bustle in the world is for money."


"I always thought that I was born wealthy. But I'm just a puppet that was wrapped up in riches.‘

《知道我为什么瞧不起你吗?因为你心胸狭窄却要装得虚怀若谷,野心勃勃 却要装得不动声色,你明明恨我恨得要死 却要装得兄友弟恭。》

"Do you know why I look down on you? Because you're narrow-minded but you pretend to be broad-minded. You're ambitious, but you pretended as if you desired nothing. You hated me to the bones, but you pretended as we are brothers."


"Those who are alive will always be around. Those who passed away will always be on my mind."

* I changed the name with the pronoun 'she'. Since this is historical drama, it's common to use way of expression from Classical Chinese, which is avoiding personal pronouns.

** In the brackets is the literal meaning of the idiom.

+ These translations are from viki. So, subs above might not be the best ones, but they got the meaning right.

Chinese Drama_Perfect Couple_Wallace Huo_Tang Yan_金玉良缘_霍建华_唐嫣_Seoul In Love Now Blog_5


This drama is full of thrills and ups and downs. It's a romantic comedy with elements of wuxia. So for a true wuxia fan it might be lacking cos the main point of the drama is romance. 💗

I watched Wallace for some time now in both historical and modern drama. And I can see his development through years. His acting really improved. And he is more suitable for playing characters in period dramas. He never cried as much as he did in this drama. But as the other Asian actors, he looks so good and handsome while crying. Maybe because of his sincerity which he expresses through acting. I like him more playing arrogant aristocrat with elegnace then silly and dumb boy. I think this role is more suitable for him that one in Swordsman. But after displaying great skill of both martial arts and swordship in Swordsmen it's unimaginable that he can't do a single move of kung fu in this drama. The great way of playing a lunatic. His changes are unbelievably great - from aristocrat to begger, from normal to crazy. He's really brilliant. 💗 Not to mention natural kisses and pouting lips.

Tang Yan (Tiffany) & Wallace have a great chemistry. But still I don't like the way she acts. In dramas I watched (both historical & modern) she portrays same simple-minded, silly and stubborn girl. Even when she doesn't, when character is gentle and kind (My Sunshine), she act it out the same way. I see that lately she is popular and plays the lead roles. Although she does have an ability of having a great chemistry with male leads, I don't see her as actress with much talent. But this might be correlated with my problem of female lead acting generally. 😐

Pain, anguish and torment. Misery all around. This is inseparable part of period dramas. So this drama has it too, even through it's about love. People dying like it's nothing. Those were indeed though times. So while watching historical dramas sometimes you must be prepared to separate from the characters you like the most. 😧

Here everything is done through bed. All the great secrets and confessions were heard with the thought that the other part can't hear you while sleeping. So in this drama, bed is crucial. 😃😃😃

I like the linguistic play here. His surname 金 (gold) and her surname 玉 (jade) combined make a word 金玉 - perfect (something of great value). All aspects of drama were cleverly covered. Especially the male costumes.

When I saw that Li Qi is doing the Ending OST, I knew this drama would be good. ❤ 🎶

In this drama Wallace proved 2 things. My theory that men look the best in suites and armors.❤❤❤  And that men tend to make excuses when they are jealous cos of their natural emotional inferiority.

~We can't avoid something that's destined to happen to us, no matter how hard we try, some things are just unavoidable. ~

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Wuxia
Cast: Perfect (10)
Acting: Brilliant (10)
Story: Long (8)
Music: Li Qi (10)
Rewatch: Maybe
Score: 9

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