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When it comes to body exercise I really love to work out. (^.^) I'm not so good when it comes to sport (I'm unbelievably clumsy when it comes to ball handling (-_-")),so any other body activity is welcome. And I love to experiment. So I like to try out different fitness programs,especially the one for home use.  (^_^)

I saw an event page on FB about some people doing "Insanity Workout". And I did a little bit of a research about that term. On their website there is a sentence "The hardest fitness program ever put on DVD". The word "hardest" was actually the one that made me start with Insanity Program. Cos usually when something has adjective 'hard' put with it, it turns out to be 'easy'.  (^-^)

Results: Unbelievable. On both physical and mental level. You look great and feel even better.
Physical: Your body is leaner and tighter. You can really lose body fat and your metabolism speeds up so even after you finish the program you won't gain weight.
Mental: There are no tension in your muscles,so there is a natural flow of energy through your body. You feel energized and active. As your body feel good so do you. You smile and feel happy. Cos of your achievement you feel proud and your self-esteem goes up.

Caution: If you have history of knee,shoulder or spinal (back or neck) problems or you do not meet the minimum fitness requirements outlined in the guidebook (I recommend you read it before you start this workout) you should not use this program.

[Insanity nutrition]

For the food part you should definitely read Insanity Nutrition Guide. Especially the introduction. You will find the good explanation about Insanity food philosophy, how to prepare your meals, count your calories category, schedule and meal recipes.

Well, sticking to the planed food regime in this guide was pretty difficult for me (not because I'm hedonist), cos I live outside of America. And finding all the groceries was the worst part. A lot of them you just can't find in my county. (-_-)
So, I realized I got to cope when it comes to food. That wasn't difficult, but it was expensive. (>.<)
Here are some suggestions if you are in the same situation as me:

Granola Crunch Musli

Granola Crunchy Musli

Fun & Fit Crunchy Musli

Oat grain, flax and fruit (banana, cherry, walnut, almond, blackberries, raspberries) - best choice for breakfast

Banana BlackberryBanana Cherry

with low-fat milk (liquid and powder) - Rice, Oat, Soya

OatRiceSoya Vanilla

Whole-grain bread/Rice Cakes,low-fat cheese (0%),Tomato,Leek,Tuna,Sardine,Egg Whites/Beaked eggs - without oil

Baked eggswhole grain egg whites tuna leek
Rice cakes TunaRice Cakes Tomato
Whole grain bread Sardine tomatoWhole grain  leek tuna

Fruit,Vegetables,Sweets & Beverage (Water and Instant coffee with soy milk)

Supplements (You need to use them cos otherwise you wouldn't have enough strength to carry on with exercise, especially the 2nd month) - I suggest soy proteins - closest to natural ones

Wheat proteinSoy protein

[Insanity program]

*All the technical details you can read on the website or in the guidebook.*

Insanity program lasts for 2 months - 60 days.The first month - high intensity and the second - very high intensity. The program is composed to work out for 6 days and rest on the 7th. I recommend to start on Mondays so your rest days would be Sundays. This workout definitely require space (room with minimal furniture or some open area - park,courtyard...) and time (around 30 - 60 min a day + resting after the exercise). You have your Insanity Workout Calendar and Insanity Fit Test & Measurement Tracker and they will help you track your progress.

 It's very important to do it everyday,not to miss it even once. There is NO EXCUSES, you need to do it everyday to see results,one hour after your meal. First week will be hard, especially the second and third day,but no matter how hard you need to, as Shaun T says : "PUSH THROUGH!!!". After a week it will became a habit you will hardly be able to shake off. ;D This really intense workout so don't go beyond your current abilities and injure yourself.


All videos are around 30 minutes long.
First you start with Fit Test to measure you level through the program,over time,you can really see the difference. You just need to fallow Shaun T's guidance and repeat what he does.

The most exhausting one for me is Pure Cardio.

And the toughest would be Cardio Power and Resistance.


Don't get too relaxed on your recovery week, cos even if it's a recovery it'll get your muscles pretty sore.


Now videos are longer and lasts around 1 hour. Intensity is way up and you can even burn up to 1000 kcal per day. Name of the workouts says it all. Every workout starts with 'Max.',  so be careful and don't overexert yourself. You may even do two workouts per day, so I recommend you do it separately, it will be easier. I don't know it it's because of the habit, but this second month was actually easier then the first one. Well,the first step is always the hardest. :)
So the most exhausting one was Max. Cardio Conditioning.
And the toughest Max. Interval Circuit. (I can't find any videos online,so if I do,I'll put it in)

How hard of a workout Insanity actually is can be described in one sentence.

Fool's Choise...

A pure, unconditional belief without a trace of doubt in yourself, in others, in a dream...is naive and foolish. But in this world  there are things only a fool can do. That's why sometimes it's necessary to be a fool. Or perhaps, try to be one. Believing in yourself,in a dream, in others...just believing...if you try,you'll soon discover it's not that easy... Once a a doubt shadows your heart,the fear is born in the chambers of your soul...and you become paralyzed...

But do not run away from it or fight it. Just accept both doubt and faith as part of your being,like something that makes you human. Once, when you choose your path and move forward on it, both doubt and faith will follow you as something natural and part of you...and as you believe you will doubt in the same time...

It's like rational and irrational combining...as Heidegger said - Rational and irrational are not two separate ways...they are actually the same route just in the two different directions -

You are both a fool and a genius in the same time...cos men is a dual being and only like that he can exist as human.

"The Meditation"

"The Meditations" or "To Myself" by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the most notable stoic philosopher (beside Seneca). Since my term paper is about Marcus Aurelius and his Late Stoa Philosophy,this book is the primary literature. If you want to know what lately-most-used-term 'stoic' mean and what ascetic life is all about you should definitely read it! :D I'll feel free to call it "Western Bushidō"! ;) These are some quotations:

"The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it."
"Think not disdainfully of death, but look on it with favor; for even death is one of the things that Nature wills."
"Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present."

A thought or two...

Ah...I never thought how relived you would actually feel when you once decide on something cos all that is left after that is to walk forward...But then,isn't that right to choose what makes us really free...and that uncomfortable feeling,isn't it the insecurity that freedom itself brings? Does that mean that we are unable to pay the price of freedom and are doomed to long for that feeling of security...? それはどうかな...

"Teško je dok se ne odlučiš, tada sve prepreke izgledaju neprelazne, sve teškoće nesavladive. Ali kad se otkineš od sebe neodlučnog, kad pobiješ svoju malodušnost, otvore se pred tobom neslućeni putevi, i svijet više nije skučen ni pun prijetnji."  - Meša Selimović

What is this journal about...

Entries will mostly be in English and in my mother tongue - Serbian, and some in the other languages..

They will be divided on 'Friends Only' and 'Everyone' category...depending on a topic I'm dealt with...

All people are welcome to share their opinions (only without prejudices). (^.^)

And if I'm not around for some time...it means my internet is gone or myself is far away from computer...or even studying for exams... (>.<)

Update: A lot of things has changed over two years since I started this journal. Now I'm studying sinology. I will restrict my writing a bit. There will be posts about thoughts, ideas and opinions which include philosophy and critiqe, quotations from movies and books as well as dramas (Japanese, Chinese, Korean*, Taiwanese) plus reviews and mysticisam expressed through astrology.

* I hope I'll learn Korean soon, so I'll be able to write quotes from Korean dramas too.

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