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Moon Well ☾

The thoughts of the Moon are reflected in a Well of Night...

Naisha Moonstone
"Everyone of us has a thousand different kinds of little people inside of us. Some of them want to get out and be wild, and some want to be sad or happy or inventive, or just go dancing. That’s why we all have different urges at different times. And all those different people inside of us, we must never be afraid to take them with us wherever we go. Who knows when we may need one of them to pop up and rescue us from ourselves? Ah variety…the great secret is not the variety of life, it’s the Variety of Us. Cheers for all the creatures within us!" - Lwaxana Troi

Night Elf Samurai Girl with a Freaking Blue Blood!

Philosopher & Warrior

(English,中文,Español,日本語,Русский язык,Serbian,لغة عربية)
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