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"Words and phrase can appear fake but the sound of music is from the heart, cannot fake it."


"If you can't succeed with your inner energy development, despite of how strong you are with your sword skills, it is still useless after all. Once you've advanced into higher level of Qi, even a petal of flower or leaf could be used as a weapon to injure the enemy."


"But they do not know that regardless of how skillful you are or how exquisite are the stances, they can never win the cunning tricks and traps of the opponent. If you fall into the traps set by the opponent, even with the greatest martial arts, you won't be able to use it."


"Based on your intalligence and perception, your future is limitless."


"You and I already had the fate to meet and the ability to get along."


"But fate can't be forced. What old people say is true*, everyone has their own karma."

《天下 无不散之筵席。聚散都讲究一个缘字。》

"In the world there's no banquet that never ends. Meeting and parting is all determined by destiny."

《美丽要付出代价。人所以相貌不同完全是因为骨肉各异,所以要改变容貌县必须改变骨肉,割开肌肉,将骨削薄或加厚,开眼填鼻 切口拔牙。一切妥当之后再进行缝合敷药,待得创口愈合你就会变成一个美女。》

"There's a price to beauty. Humans look different from each other due to the difference in the structure of bones and flesh. Hence, for the face makeover, the bones and flesh must first be remodeled. Cut open the flesh. Flatten of thicken the bones. Operate on the eyes, fill the nose, clear the teeth... When everythings done stitch and medicate it. Once the wound is healed, you'll become a beauty."


"That's why one must have propriety. Wine, sex, avarice and arrogance (the four cardinal vices) can weaken one's purpose and will."


"All parents only want their children to trun a new leaf and start over again."

《天网恢恢,疏而不漏。 äº‹æƒ…总会有水落石出的一天哪。》

"Heaven's web is vas but difficult to escape. One day, the truth will come to light."


"If you don't do absurd things in life, how can you do the earth-shattering things?"


"You like someone, but God might not let you be with her. This what they refer to as a difficult matter from ancient times."

《这个规矩啊 æ˜¯ç”±äººè€Œå®šçš„,但是呢也可以由人来改变。》

"This tradition was created by people. right now, is also the people that changes the tradition."


"Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it."

"There is no difficult thing in the world, only fear in human heart."**


"Actually, no matter how difficult something is, there will be someone who will try it."


“The heart of greed is bottomless pit。”

《浮滑无行危害不大,好久贪杯亦于人无损。但是 é‡Žå¿ƒå‹ƒå‹ƒ 贻害无穷啊。》

"There is no serious consequences with being mischievous. drinking also doesn't bring great calamity. However, an overly ambitious heart is extremely dangerous."


"Swords and blades have no eyes."

《害人之心虽然不可有但是防人之心不可无,以后你要小心一点。 伪君子往往比真小人还有可怕。》

"Although one should never harm someone, he should know to guard himself against being harmed by others. From now on you have to be careful. Sometimes hypocrites are more terrible then trouble-makers."

《当你真正爱上一个人的时候无论她是唾弃你 伤害你 不见你 ä½ éƒ½ä¸€å¦‚既往地爱她。以她的快乐为快乐 ä»¥å¥¹çš„悲伤为悲伤。这样你才能获得真正的快乐。只要她开心无论你多么的难过你都会觉得很开心吧。》

"Once you truly love someone, no matter if she despises you, hurts you or doesn't want to see you, you will still continue to love them. Her happiness is your happiness, her pain is your pain. This way you can find true happiness. As long as she's happy, no matter how upset you are, you'll still feel happy."

《江湖霸业是幻,红尘爱恨是空。这是两条束缚人的绳索。你若解不开 ä¸å…æ€»æ˜¯ å®³äººå®³å·±ã€‚》

"Jianghu (world) matters are only illusion. Humans love and hate are empty. These are the normal flows of life. If you can't solve it, you can't just keep harming people.”

《是真正的情 çœŸæ­£çš„爱。放不下就放不下,何必诸多借口来掩饰。能在一起就在一起,不能在一起就放手吧。》

"It's real feeling, it's real love. Can't let it go then don't let it go, why use excuse to hide it. If you can be together then be together. Can't be together, then let it go."

《情字误人 爱字害人。可自古以来又有多少人能看破 æ”¾ä¸‹ è‡ªåœ¨ã€‹

"Love causes misunderstanding, love hurts people. But since the begining, how many people were able to see through it, let it go and be free?"

《担心归担心 æ—¥å­è¿˜å¾—过下去啊。》

"Worry is worry, we still need to live."

《生死有命 随它去吧。兵来将挡 水来土掩。》

"Life and death have their fate, let it go. If soldiers come we defend, if waters come we build a dam.".


"Practicing for one day will give you one day benefit. Practicing for a little bit will give a little bit of benefit."

* This what she originaly says in Chinese, so I took a liberty to correct the translation.

** This is literal translation of the idiom. I like how it sounds in Chinese and it's meaning like this is more profound.

! English subs are not mine, I just changed them a little. Credit to viki team.


This drama is a mix of wuxia and friendship. Although romance is put somewhere in between, it's definitely not the main motive, well at least not till the last few episodes. If you are hardcore wuxia fan, you'll like this drama cos it's full of martial art actions and it's terminology. A lot can be learned about Chinese philosophy and it's practice of Qi. So, what does it lack then? Well, the main thing - story. Exactly. The plot is way too twisted and dragged. And characters development is not explained thoroughly. Although Wallace managed to cope nicely with that change (He even played two roles, although manager Yan is definitely a filler role). One of the real dissapoinment is that long expected kiss in the end never happend. -_-

At some points, plot is a shocker and unpredictable which is good, but that inclination for turning the main point of plot to love relationships is pretty irritating. He's the best swordsman why does he need three women falling in love with him?! O.o I understand Wallace is handsome and good-looking, but for wuxia drama it's too much. Not to mention he's fast change of heart, going back and fort from one woman to another. He's relationship with Ying Ying looks kinda forced. -_- I like Ling Hu Chong's internal struggle. The way he struggles with his own emotions inside torn apart between duty, moral, ambition and love. He's only friend is wine. Truly the tragedy of life. 💔

Sacrificing your manhood for a technique... that was really funny. But using that as an act for a revenge...it's just hilarious. This revenge will hurt more the one who is carrying it out. But I really need to give credit to the actors. Acting feminine is not easy and they did it perfectly. 👌
I like one-eyed grandpa. He decided everything by himself, doesn't care what other people will say or think. 👍

I just love Bubai's personality. Chen Joe (Fated to Love You) is not just beautiful but also talented. This role fits her perfectly. I kinda predicted what would happen with Bubai in the end. She gave him her last, real present. Here is the perfect example that both greed and love can transform people. Love transforms woman in an unexpected way, cos they are the creatures of love, made to love. Still the ending is so sad that even doctor is crying. But I guess that this is the true meaning of 命. For Bubai this might be the way she continues to be with him and love him through Ying Ying. This is actually a nice destiny. ^.^ She became one with the sea. 🌊

The thing I hate the most is that everybody dies. I just can't take that. Dear writer, why bring so many characters into the story when you are going to kill them afterwards?! O.O I like fansubbers, sometimes their comments during the drama are precious. ^.^ The the whole acting is a little bit weird but let's blame it on wuxia, and say that they did ok. For this drama (maybe whole wuxia genre) a definite turn off is dubbing, and turn on is costume design.

I think the quote "World is nothing but the will for power" is the best way to describe this drama and how that will can transform you. In life there will always be power-thirsty people like Zuo Yan and hypocrites like Jue Bu Qin. But also someone like Ling Hu Chong to fight them with rightness, like Ying Ying to love till death and like Bubai to love in death. 🌹

More then being a swordsman, Lin Hu Chong is 'Smiling Proud Wanderer'. 🌾

Genre: Wuxia, Friendship
Cast: Perfect (10)
Acting: I've seen better (8)
Story: Draged (5)
Music: Wallace Huo (9)
Rewatch: No - Lot of episodes
Score: 7

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